Contract Packaging Services by Life Industries Corporation
Contract Packaging Solutions by Life Industries - Charleston, SC
Life Industries Corporation
Charleston, South Carolina
Specializing in Private Label Bottle Filling
Local Charleston Area

To request a quote and/or more detailed information, please use our online form, email us or call us to discuss your particular needs for contract packaging and/or related services.

Life Industries Corporation has been in the business of formulating, compounding, labeling, packaging and shipping various chemical compounds since 1969.

Primary Services offered by Life Industries include, but are not limited to:

Company Highlights:

  • Life Industries can take a variety of chemical formulations from conception to finished product, as well as prepare the material for domestic and international commerce or we can package product you provide to us
  • Our packaging is not limited to solely chemicals, but we also provide assembly services for other non-food items.
  • Life Industries specializes in small to medium size runs & offers fast turn-around to meet the demands of busy customers



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