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To request a quote and/or more detailed information, please use our online form, email us or call us to discuss your particular needs for contract packaging and/or related services.

We understand that each customer is unique in their needs. Therefore, we are flexible. We can do as little or as much as is needed to fulfill your needs. In fact we specialize in small runs.

  • We can take a project from beginning formulation to finished product or any step in between.
  • We can formulate, blend, fill and package liquids, solids and pastes.
  • Blister and shrink packaging services are available, as well.

Product can be packaged in sizes ranging from 1 ounce to 55 gallons, in a variety of container types, depending on your specifications.


A newer service offered by Life Industries Corporation is chubb (sausage tubes) packages for non-food products.

This packaging is great for caulking and silicone-type sealants and are increasingly being used by professionals for industrial applications of materials.



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